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 GEMS for Summer Term 2024

Chestnut 294

Hazel 288

Willow 296

Oak 336

(Friday 21st June 2024)

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In the second half of the summer term 2024, we are 'visiting' North America for our whole-school topic theme.


HOME LEARNING - We've added lots of calculation videos to help with KS2 arithmetic!


Do you, or someone you know, have a child due to start school in September 2024?  Take a look at our 'Starting School' page. For a photo guided tour of the Reception classroom and outdoor space, go to the Sparrow Class page and scroll to the bottom. To arrange a school tour please contact the school office.   Click here to apply for a place...


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Summer Term 2024 Attendance:

(updated 21/06/2024)

Sparrows = 94.9%

Clipart bird starling, Clipart bird starling Transparent FREE for download  on WebStockReview 2020

Starlings = 96.8%

Image result for woodpeckers clipart

Woodpeckers = 94.9%

Owls = 96.3%

Well done to Starlings for the best class attendance so far in the summer term!

Chestnut = 95.7%

Willow = 96.6%

Hazel = 96.9%

Oak = 96.1%

 Well done to Hazel for the best team attendance so far in the summer term!

Whole school attendance for this school year so far = 95.1%

Our Target = above 96.0%

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