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Well done to...

  Gino (Sparrow of the Week)

Alfie (Starling of the Week)

Connor (Woodpecker of the Week)

Izaak (Owl of the Week)

(Friday 27th November 2020)



Emelia (Sparrow of the Half-Term)

Archie (Starling of the Half-Term)

Grace (Woodpecker of the Half-Term)

Maya (Owl of the Half-Term)

(Autumn 1 - 2020)


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Autumn Term 2020 Attendance:

(updated 27/11/2020)

Image result for sparrow clipart

Sparrows = 93.7%

Clipart bird starling, Clipart bird starling Transparent FREE for download  on WebStockReview 2020

Starlings = 94.9%

Image result for woodpeckers clipart

Woodpeckers = 93.8%

Owls = 96.0%

Well done to Owls for the best class attendance so far in the autumn term!

Ruby = 94.0%

Emerald = 92.5%

Sapphire = 95.1%

Topaz = 97.0%


Well done to Topaz for the best team attendance so far in the autumn term!

Whole school attendance so far this academic year = 94.7%

Our Target = 95.5%

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