Welcome to Sparrow Class - Reception/Yr 1

Class Teachers: Mrs Shore and Mrs Busby

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hayes Mrs Davis and Miss Murray


Children in Reception follow the EYFS curriculum which involves lots of play, practical activities and fun! This is a continuation of learning from pre-school and nursery. Please click the link for more information on the EYFS curriculum.



Phonics Evening


PhonicsPlay website

LettersandSounds website




Please take a look at some of our photos below! 

Summer Holiday Work and Links (If you so wish!!) 

 Links to websites Summer 2020.docxDownload
 number bonds 10 frame activity.pdfDownload
 number bonds to 10 rainbow sheet.pdfDownload
 number bonds to 10.pdfDownload
 phase 4 blends mat.pdfDownload
 phase 4 label the picture activity sheet.pdfDownload
 phase 4 phonics activity booklet.pdfDownload
 phase 4 pictures - write a sentence to match.pdfDownload
 subtraction from 20 using a numberline.pdfDownload
 subtraction minibeasts.pdfDownload
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If you go down to the woods today... New planning grid below. Get your bears ready!

Please keep sending in your photos and letters, especially of any bear related work you have completed!

New Intake - Children starting school in September 2020 - please take a look at the Reception 2020 page in the classes menu or click on this link...

New daily phonics lessons from Letters and Sounds -  Just click this link or read the letter below which gives more details in 'Sparrows Home Learning 2020' section. Started Monday 27th April 2020 - try and complete each week. 

Sparrows Home Learning 2020

 doubles to 20 sheet.pdfDownload
 ar phase 3 sheet.pdfDownload
 days of the week poster.pdfDownload
 air roll and read sheet.pdfDownload
 phase 3 unicorn or spotting sheet.pdfDownload
 Home Learning If you go down to the woods today... Sum 2 2020.docxDownload
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Word Boxes and Tricky Words

 pink phase 2 words.docDownload
 red phase 2 & 3 words.docDownload
 yellow phase 3 & 4 words.docDownload
 blue phase 4 & 5.docDownload
 CEW yr 1 updated.docDownload
 silly words purple.docDownload
 phase 3 sound and tricky word mat.pdfDownload
 Phase 2-5 tricky word mat.pdfDownload
 100 HF words list for parents.docDownload
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Year 1 Activities

 week 9 lesson 1.pdfDownload
 week 9 lesson 2.pdfDownload
 week 9 lesson 3.pdfDownload
 week 9 lesson 4.pdfDownload
 week 8 lesson 1.pdfDownload
 week 8 lesson 2.pdfDownload
 week 8 lesson 3.pdfDownload
 week 8 lesson 4.pdfDownload
 whiterose week 6 lesson 1.pdfDownload
 whiterose week 6 lesson 2.pdfDownload
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Here are a few links to websites that will be useful during this time:

BBC Bitesize - Daily lessons for Year 1 which many Reception Children could access too. Starting Monday 20th April 2020.

PhonicsPlay - They have given free access to parents at home - details on their home page. Great for reading real and silly words in each phase!

Twinkl - They have given free access to parents at home - password given in the extended time off  learning letter at the top of this page. Resources for every subject!

White Rose Maths  - Daily lessons and activities. Reception included! 

CBeebies Maths - Early Years: Help your child be epic at maths. Short videos to help parents teach maths. Links to Numberblocks songs and games 

Children's Poetry - Listen to the world's best poetry being read aloud! Choose by age group.

TalkforWriting - Home school booklets to work through together - just click on Rec unit or Year 1unit and enjoy! 

Supermovers - Fabulous BBC site for moving around whilst learning Maths and English! Get active!

The link below to ABCDoes is full of great early years ideas to carry out at home. This will be added to regularly by teachers and  EYFS practitioners!


 Smiley facefree access for a month to lovely outdoor learning activities

Topmarks Lots of games for all ages and subjects - just follow the links

Get Well Soon  - a video from CBeebies explaining the coronavirus for younger children

Discovery EducationEspresso link - just click log in with our school details 

Oxford Owl Many free ebooks, activities and author videos for children of all ages  


Keep checking back here for updates on what Jofli Bear is getting up to!