At Ashcott Primary School we aim to explore the wonderful world around us and the fascinating people who live here. We believe that it is important to develop children’s curiosity and fascination about the diverse people and places and their understanding of the Earth’s key human and physical processes. This awareness will support our children in being an important part of our society and will in turn encourage our children to support our local areas, communities and those further afield by developing an understanding of the protection of our planet, appreciating different places and the people that live in them. By comparing places, cultures and processes we will develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world that we live in and that surrounds us. Our children will, wherever possible, be exposed to rich and memorable first hand experiences outdoors and we will seek to inspire in our children a curiosity and a fascination with the world around them and the people who share our planet.


The ‘journey’ begins with ‘welly walks’ around the school grounds in the Early Years. All children are encouraged to understand the world around them from their immediate surroundings to the wider world, learning from a local and a global perspective, through issues of citizenship, environmental change and sustainable development. They learn about village life in other countries, they investigate weather and climate around the world, explore water and mountain environments and examine ways of improving their environment.


We implement a progressive curriculum that is built on prior knowledge, attainment and skills. We aim to revisit knowledge and skills in order to deepen the children’s understanding and embed knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to be inspiring, creative and challenging to ensure engaging and exciting learning for all our pupils.


Our learners will be equipped with geographical skills and knowledge as well as a curiosity that will enable them to be ready to progress into the wider world. We know our children are keen geographers and that our curriculum has been successful when our children move through the school, and beyond, showing their curiosity about the world and its people because they have a deep understanding of their local community, village, town, county, country and the world.