Our Geography curriculum is based on the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum 2014 document.

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We have held the ‘International School Award’ since the year 2003 and the Primary Geography Silver Quality Mark since 2010. Geography in our school is described as ‘moving towards a centre of excellence’.

 Geography encourages children to think about the world around them and view it from different perspectives. It develops their knowledge of places, an understanding of maps and helps to develop investigative and problem-solving skills. It encourages them to think about issues around the environment and links with all the other subjects in the curriculum as they learn about societies and cultures around the world.

The ‘journey’ begins with ‘welly walks’ around the school grounds in the Early Years. All children are encouraged to understand the world around them from their immediate surroundings to the wider world, learning from a local and a global perspective, through issues of citizenship, environmental change and sustainable development. They learn about village life in India, they investigate weather and climate around the world, explore water and mountain environments and examine ways of improving their environment.

Theme weeks focus on learning from our link schools in China and Kenya. We have annual visits from teachers and students from Kenya and China. Many of the teaching staff have visited our link schools in Kenya and China and have shared their experiences by embedding them into the curriculum.

The Geography curriculum is strengthened through involvement with our Kenyan and Chinese partner schools. We undertake joint topics in our localities linked to transport, waste, water and food and share real statistics and work from all the schools to make the learning more meaningful.

Children compare their local area to those of other countries. They use their mapping skills to identify and name the countries of the UK and major cities, continents and oceans around the world.