Our Curriculum


Our intention is to provide children with a broader understanding of the world around them and the different cultures and beliefs which exist both in this country and across the world. This is the vehicle that drives our whole school curriculum planning. Our school’s creative curriculum has been put together carefully in consultation with the children, staff and governors of the school.  It is designed to be exciting and challenging for all learners, regardless of their abilities, and to provide all children with the knowledge and skills they need to enable them to succeed in their future lives and careers.  Our use of a whole-school themed approach provides a cohesive foundation upon which each topic is planned, whilst emphasising the school’s ethos of global citizenship. 


The teachers are encouraged to use their own creativity, the interests of the children in their class and the learning potential of the locality to plan exciting cross-curricular topics to meet the children’s needs.  These topics are then linked in with the National Curriculum expectations to ensure progression across year groups and an appropriate level of challenge.  We use a two-year rolling programme of topics with whole-school international themes from which each class topic is planned and the children ‘visit’ a different part of the world each half term as the theme changes and they journey through the school.

The learning environment forms a key part of our school curriculum and is used effectively to support the learning in each topic.  Through well-planned, stimulating activities, the children acquire a strong skills base upon which their learning can develop.  Teachers make excellent use of visits to local areas of interest as well as inviting visitors into the classroom to provide enrichment and immersion in the topics taught.


The wide range of topics studied across the school provide children with the detailed knowledge and skills needed to succeed and prepares them well for their future learning.  Our learners are engaged with their topics and work hard to develop their knowledge through their enthusiastic approach to school.  They use the school’s ‘Secrets of Success’ to apply their learning in a range of different contexts. 

Pupils are keen to take on positions of responsibility and make good use of the opportunities provided in school, such as being a GEMS Leader (House Captain), a Reading Star, a Sports Leader or a Buddy.  This contributes to the development of well-rounded and confident learners who are well prepared for the next stage of their education.

Our curriculum is supported by the fundamental skills of learning which we refer to as the 'Secrets of Success'. We foster a culture where children develop into confident learners with the ability to apply their skills to any area of learning. Find out more about these 12 key skills by reading our 'Secrets of Success' booklet...

Phonics is taught daily in Reception and Key Stage 1, following the Twinkl Phonics Scheme. Early reading is developed using our reading scheme which links in with the sounds children learn in their daily phonics sessions. As children move into KS2 they are taught spelling using the 'No Nonsense Spelling' scheme.

Reading is taught daily through guided reading in KS1 and KS2.  Children's reading is also supported through 1-1 reading and using our reading volunteers and reading stars.  We aim to develop lifelong readers through a strong reading culture where children choose to read for pleasure.  Events such as our annual 'Book Week', 'Book Swap', 'Book Fair' and regular visiting authors help to foster this culture.  Find out more about reading on our reading page.

Please note: more information about our curriculum can be found by clicking on the subject headings in the drop down menu. Half-termly topic information is sent home each term in a curriculum letter for each class.