Computing and E-Safety

At Ashcott School we are well resourced with a range of up to date computing technology. Teachers have a good level of subject knowledge and children are encouraged to use technology to support their learning across the curriculum. 


Computing is a fundamental part of modern life and it is constantly changing and developing. With this is mind, it is very important that children gain confidence and understanding of the ways in which modern technology can be used as an effective learning tool, whilst having a clear understanding about how to stay safe. We want children to use technology in new and exciting ways to enhance their learning and to be able to apply their skills in a wide variety of applications. From programming and handling data, to multimedia applications and understanding how technology affects our lives, we want children to feel confident and inspired in their use of technology.


Our curriculum planning starts from the learning objectives set out in the latest National Curriculum document.

Click here for an overview of the National Curriculum learning objectives for each Key Stage...

The Ashcott School 'Teach Computing' curriculum is based on the plans developed by the National Centre for Computing Education  - these include an element of e-safety learning throughout.

Here at Ashcott School, children have the opportunity to use laptops, desktop computers, iPads, digital cameras, Micro-Bits, Crumble Controllers, a variety of floor robots and interactive whiteboards as part of their learning. The school provides filtered access to the Internet through the South West Grid for Learning and all staff and children sign up to our 'Safe Internet-Use Policy'. Children learn about E-Safety as part of each Computing module and this underpins all areas of the Computing curriculum. Children also take part in enrichment days, such as STEM workshops, using technology in different ways to tackle new challenges.

These children are using the school iPads to control a Beebot on-screen.
These children are using the Probot (floor robot) to create algorithms to draw 2-D shapes. Children learn to debug their scripts to improve their algorithms.  As their coding skills develop they learn more complex programming using 'Scratch', 'Kodu' and 'Lego We-Do'.
Children have access to a class set of laptops to support their learning across the curriculum.
Enrichment days further enhance the children's ability to use their programming skills, such as this 'STEM Challenge' day for Years 5 and 6 using Sphero Robot Balls.

For more information about how to keep your child safe on-line click here...

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