Computing and E-Safety

Our Computing curriculum is based on the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum 2014 document.

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Our school use the computing plans developed by the Wessex Computing Project 2014 - these include an element of e-safety learning in every module.

In this rapidly changing aspect of modern life it is very important that children gain confidence and understanding of the ways in which modern technology can be used as an effective learning tool. Ashcott children have the opportunity to use laptops, desktop computers, iPads, digital cameras, a variety of floor robots and interactive whiteboards as part of their work. The children have filtered access to the Internet through the South West Grid for Learning and all staff and children sign up to our 'Safe Internet-Use Policy'. Read Starlings' eSafety agreement written by the children in Years 1 and 2 - click here...

At Ashcott School we are very well resourced with a wide range of up to date computing technology. Teachers have a good level of subject knowledge and children are encouraged to use technology to support their learning across the curriculum. Children learn to become 'programmers' as well as' users' of computers and mobile devices using a wide range of software and apps.

These children are using the school iPADs to control a Beebot on-screen.
These children are using the Probot floor robot to create complex programs and debug their scripts to create patterns on paper.
Children have access to laptops to support their learning across the curriculum.

E-Safety is given a high priority and is a key part of every computing planning unit. The children develop their understanding of how to stay safe on-line and become responsible users of technology.

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