Welcome to Woodpecker Class!

Year 3/Year 4

Class Teacher: Mrs Thomas 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Speakman & Mrs Cameron


Wow! What a fantastic start to the new academic year :)

The children have settled in really well and are ready to learn and participate in the tasks of our exciting curriculum.  

Water bottles and coats

Please could children bring a water bottle in to school every day. Drinks bottles are kept in a box within the classroom and not on the children's tables to avoid them spoiling their learning resources. The children have access to their drinks at all times throughout the day.

Now that the weather is beginning to change and is unpredictable, please could we ask that the children bring in a coat to wear should they need it.


Woodpeckers have P.E on Wednesdays and will go swimming on Fridays. Their kit needs to come in to school at the start of the week and it can be taken home at the end of the week for washing or left in school until the end of half term- whichever you prefer. 


Reading: As part of the children's homework, they are required to read every day. Their reading books will be changed after they have read their book at least twice. Please can their reading books and diaries be brought into school daily so that we can hear them read in school too.

My Maths: Children's log ins are in the inside of the children's reading diaries. The tasks have been set for this half term. Please encourage your child to complete a task each week. 

Times Tables Rock Stars: Times tables are a fundamental part of maths. Please encourage your child to access TTRS for half an hour per week. We will begin to set up challenges very soon :) The log ins will be in the children's reading diaries. 

Spellings: The children will bring home a list of spellings to learn ready to be tested on Fridays. 


If you have any questions or problems with any log ins, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Many thanks for your support,

The year 3 & 4 team,

Mrs Thomas, Mrs Speakman and Mrs Cameron. 


  Here's an overview of what we will be learning in Autumn 1


Wow What an amazing Term 1 we had! Please find below a slideshow of our learning. 

Linking into our History topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, we created our own stone age paints and then used them to create our own cave art pictures. We made some Stone Age flat bread and even crushed the oats ourselves using rocks! Woodpeckers became hunter gatherers- looking for things to protect them and help them survive and we even looked at Stone Age artefacts and created our own Stone Age tools. 

In Geography, we used our mapping skills. 

Linking with our science topic, we had a fossil workshop, we learned about the different types of rocks and their properties and investigated soil. 

We learned about Diwali and in music, we are learning to play the ukulele. 


Please find below an overview of our learning for Autumn 2

Wow! What another amazing Term  we have had. Please find below a slideshow of our learning. 

Linking into our previous History topic of Stone Age to Iron Age, we visited Cheddar Caves.  

In Geography, we continued to use our mapping skills, learning about the UK.  

Our science topic was Electricity and the children thoroughly enjoyed creating circuits and designing and making their own switches. 

We were learning 'The highwayman' in English and in art we created one of the pictures focusing on tone and using a range of techniques including hatching and cross hatching. The children transferred the skills into their final pictures. 

Please find the overview of Spring 1 below: 

Wow! I can't believe we are already half way through this academic year.

Spring 1 was yet another great term.

During this term our topic was space and Woodpeckers were focusing on 'The moon landing' in English and produced some amazing newspaper reports. These are bound into a book and are on show in the library area. I hope you managed to take a sneak peek during parents' evenings.  Below is a slideshow of 2 of our newspaper reports and one has also been published in the school newspaper. 

 We started the term with a visit...The Space Dome. The children (and adults) loved it. Here are a few quotes from the children about the immersive experience:

"I enjoyed all of it because it was fun. When the rocket took off it was cool."

"What I liked about the Space Dome was that when I was lying down it looked like the moon was going around the Earth."

"I liked it when the rocket took off because there was so much smoke!"

"My favourite part was the asteroid because it looked like it was going to hit us."

"I loved looking at the stars and the Northern lights."

"My favourite part was lying down to watch it because it looked so real!"

We also had Aspirations week. The children were so inspired by all the visitors and activities. I do hope you have looked at the photos on the website. 


Please find below an overview of our exciting curriculum for Spring 2. 



We love learning our multiplication tables, especially the 'top ten'.

 Year 2 – Palm Class get familiar with the vocabulary of multiplication and  division. – Hazeldown Primary SchoolHave a go at this tables activity. Which level do you like the most? Year 2 – Palm Class get familiar with the vocabulary of multiplication and  division. – Hazeldown Primary School

Welcome to Milford School

Maths Homework Packs - these are amazing!

They're booklets for each topic, for each year group (other year groups can be downloaded free from their website). They can be used before, during or after a topic to support learning. 

Year three Year Four
Place Value Place Value
Addition and Subtraction Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division Length
Multiplication and Division Multiplication and Division Autumn
Money Multiplication and Division Spring A
Statistics Multiplication and Division Spring B
Length Area
Fractions - more to follow soon Fractions
Decimals - more to follow soon

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