Teaching Staff

Mr Richard Briar   Headteacher
Mrs Serena Shore Sparrows Senior Teacher 
Mrs Clare Gardiner Starlings Teacher  and SENCO
Mrs Elinor Busby Sparrows/Starlings Teacher
Mrs Emma Chamberlain Woodpeckers Teacher
Mrs Lee Wilson Woodpeckers Teacher
Miss Ashleigh Stevens Owls Teacher
Mrs Sandra Hayes Sparrows Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Morton Owls Teaching Assistant
Ms Emma Frampton Owls Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hatty Stone Starlings Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jane Speakman Woodpeckers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Abby Davis Sparrows/Starlings Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle Atton Woodpeckers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lucy Cameron Starlings Teaching Assistant


We have a very experienced and dedicated team of teaching staff. They each hold a variety of curriculum responsibilities as well as running a number of voluntary activities for the children both at lunchtimes and after school.

"They (parents) praised both the care and support given to their children and the progress which their children make. A typical comment was, ‘We have been really happy with the “whole–child” ethos.’ Parents and carers praise the staff’s commitment: ‘We feel very lucky to have had such hard-working, committed people looking after our children. Teachers are always prepared to do that little bit extra for them."' (Ofsted Nov. 2010)