Owl Class - Year 5/Year 6 

Welcome to Owls. Welcome to Owls. Welcome to Owls. Welcome to Owls. Welcome to Owls. Welcome to Owls. 

Class Teacher: Miss Stevens

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Morton & Ms Frampton

What is it like in Owl Class?

Here in Owl Class we learn about lots of different parts of the curriculum each day including: English, maths, topic, science, Mandarin, geography, art, P.E (we have P.E coaches come in every Wednesday to teach us) and lots more. Sometimes, when we get the morning learning done, we can do art. For example we have created: Viking long boats, spooky trees and a piece of artwork based on the murmuration of starlings.

We have terrific trips, courageous camp (where you overcome your fears) and in groups you do different activities like canoeing, wall climbing and lots more.

There are lots of jobs Owls can do, including: GEMs Leaders, Office Assistants (where we help Mrs House in the office), Reading Stars (where we help others with their reading) and only Owl Class can do these jobs!

You can win weekly awards; like person of the week, seal person, person of the half-term and lots of certificates for Maths, English and other activities inside and outside of school!

Written by Lottie

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