Music and Performing Arts

Our Music curriculum is based on the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum 2014 document.

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There are fantastic opportunities for learning an instrument at Ashcott School with a wide range of tuition on offer. Children learn the ukulele, piano, guitar, violin, clarinet, flute, recorder, percussion and drums.

Our weekly Singing Assembly is very popular with all of the children. We have been commended for the high standard of singing in our school and were thrilled with our choir's performance at the Highbridge Music Festival. The school choir is very popular with the children and they regularly perform at local events such as Strode Lions Concert, for parents and for local groups in the village.
Children in Years 3 & 4 receive free whole class tuition in a chosen instrument each year, from one of our visiting music specialists. Many then extend their learning by taking small group lessons, with one of several peripatetic music teachers who are linked with our school.

Children learn to compose using tuned, untuned instruments and laptops, as well as listening to music from a wide range of cultures and traditions.

Guitar Lessons

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Ashcott School Choir at Highbridge Festival