At Ashcott we put great emphasis on the  importance of number facts, with children working towards their next steps in ‘Cool Counting’, ‘Fantastic Facts’, ‘Snap Facts’ and later ‘Super Snap Facts’, gaining certificates in Celebration Assemblies.

Children enjoy learning about the power of numbers and seeing what they can do with them. We enjoy a termly ‘Big Think’, linking maths to other areas of learning (eg. Art and French). Children enjoy maths lessons with their class, in smaller groups and with partners. They are supported by the class teacher and assistants through a range of tasks and activities, using a variety of concrete and pictorial methods, moving on to abstract representations when they are ready. Fluency, Reasoning and Problem solving skills are developed in each teaching sequence, across all year groups. Maths lessons are sequenced thoughtfully, building on prior learning and looking forward to the next step.

At Ashcott, staff are skilled at asking questions to develop and challenge understanding and we are enhancing our skills, enabling the more able to be challenged earlier. We help children with misconceptions in a variety of ways, aiming to support as soon as possible, ensuring that every child is able to progress. All children are encouraged and challenged to deepen their understanding of maths concepts throughout each maths session, often using ‘Go Ape’ sheets to Draw, Answer, Prove and Explain. At Aschott maths is fun!


At Ashcott our teaching and implementation starts from the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum. We have chosen to use White Rose Maths to support teaching and learning in KS1 and KS2, and use Number Blocks in Reception. These schemes of learning are supplemented by a range of resources and activities (eg. NCETM, I See Problem Solving/Reasoning, NRich, MyMaths and Times Table Rock Stars) to broaden and deepen understanding, offer variety and increase fun! 

Resources to support Maths at Ashcott