Our Maths curriculum is based on the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum 2014 document.

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"Numbers rule the Universe" - Pythagoras

Maths is a very ‘real’ and relevant subject, providing children with vital life skills. Ashcott children gain a love and understanding of numbers, shape, measures and data and are encouraged to develop their thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills.

At Ashcott, children learn and develop maths skills in a variety of ways. Children investigate problems and theories using practical equipment and games and are given opportunities to choose what works for them. Strong emphasis is placed on 'talk' with children often discussing methods and reasoning with peers and adults.

Children record their learning in a methodical and structured way and enjoy demonstrating their understanding in a variety of forms. Maths is often approached through other areas of the curriculum which really supports how relevant maths is to real life.

We aim to make all children confident mathematicians with a deep understanding of the number system. We use ‘Fantastic Facts’ (key mental maths skills) and ‘55 Club’ (times tables practice) throughout the school to promote children's learning of basic maths facts. The acquisition of these facts enables children to gain and apply new concepts with greater confidence.


Children are regularly given key number facts to learn. Encourage your child to learn these thoroughly by heart, questioning them on any patterns spotted.
To consolidate or extend their understanding children are sometimes given ‘maths games’, calculations or activities to do at home. Please support your child with these activities asking them to explain the methods they use at school.
Children in Key Stage 2 are also directed to relevant maths activities via links on the school website.

Helping your child at home.

Make the most of maths opportunities at home through everyday activities. Cooking, using time, measuring, shopping, spotting patterns, sorting, directions, map reading, estimating etc can reinforce your child’s learning in a fun and relevant way.

Playing games with your child such as snakes and ladders, bingo, monopoly and even darts, all enhance essential number skills in a fun way. They reinforce children’s understanding of the number system and give opportunities to improve mental maths.
Most importantly, being enthusiastic about maths will make your child feel confident and enthusiastic about maths too!

Maths booklet (click here)

This booklet suggests lots of fun activities that can support your child’s learning in maths.

Don't forget to look at the many links to online maths activities on the school website.

Emma Chamberlain - Maths Subject Leader