Yueyang Tower Primary School, China

We started a new international link with a school in China in 2012 as part of a Somerset cluster link with other local primary and secondary schools. We are now linked with Yueyang Tower Primary School in the Hunan Province of South East China.

We have taken part in two joint topics on ‘Our Local Area’ and ‘Dreams and Teams’ with children swapping information and work. We have carried out SKYPE sessions, emails, a focused China week, assemblies and have had the Confucius Institute (based in Southampton) carry out work with the children in our school.

In October 2013 Mrs Shore (EYFS Teacher and International Coordinator) was able to visit Yueyang and spend time in our link school. She learnt a great deal about their school and has been able to share her experiences with us.

Yueyang Tower Primary School has nearly 2500 pupils on role with 36 classes. It is situated very near to Yueyang Tower and this can even be viewed from the roof of the school!

The children in Yueyang Tower Primary School carry out daily exercises for 20 minutes each day. It was amazing to watch  2162 children taking part together!
Lessons taught include: Chinese, English, Math, Art, Music, Computers, PE, Moral Education and Science. Children are at Primary School from 6 years -12 years old.

As part of our link we have signed an agreement about our future joint work and how we will continue communication between our schools over the years to come.

The Principal of Yueyang Tower Primary School,  Ms Ruan Huiling visited Ashcott School in October 2013.