Design and Technology

Our D & T curriculum is based on the learning objectives set out in the National Curriculum 2014 document.
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Children work with wood, food, card, electricity and pneumatic systems to plan and produce a range of projects. They then evaluate their product against a specific design criteria, considering what went well and what to do differently next time.

Projects often link with other areas of the curriculum, offering opportunities for all children to be inspired and be creative.

Children take part in regular cooking sessions, looking at nutrition and tasting food from around the world. They design packaging and carry out tasting sessions.
Children take part in a variety of design-led projects such as this bag design project where children looked at designs of shopping bags, tested them for strength and commented on design, created prototypes from newspaper and printed their own designs.
Children use the outdoor environment to design and build shelters.
This project undertaken by Years 5 and 6 was to evaluate different types of shelter construction and make a shelter to protect Teddy from the ravages of Ancient Greece.