Maths Homework Help

Need help with your calculations?  Watch these useful clips created by children and staff from Ashcott School.  If you would like another calculation method added, please let us know!

Adding 3-digit numbers

Subtracting 3-digit numbers

Short division

Long division

Short multiplication

Long multiplication

Multiplying decimals

Multiplying - expanded


Multiplying fractions

Dividing fractions


Subtract mixed number fractions

Multiplying mixed number fractions

Practice your times tables with 'Times Tables Rockstars'!  You can play games and test your speed too.  If you don't have your password, contact the school for help.

Corbettmaths Primary

Corbett Maths is a great website for help with Maths Homework too.  You'll find lots more video clips explaining how to do different calculations.

Have a go at some tricky puzzles and problems with nrich...