Aspirations Week

In June the children have been thinking ahead to their future careers as part of the school’s ‘Aspirations Week’. 

Throughout the week, children from every class listened to a number of interesting visitors, from a diverse range of working backgrounds, who had come in to school to talk about their amazing jobs. The children had the opportunity to find out what it would be like to be a Royal Navy pilot or a fire fighter, an illustrator or a forensics expert, an occupational therapist or a chef - as well as many, many other exciting roles!

Children had the opportunity to ask the visitors questions and find out more about the different roles and responsibilities involved in a variety of different career paths.  Some visitors even brought in some of the tools they use for their jobs for the children to look at.

On the Tuesday of Aspirations Week the children came in to school dressed up for different jobs - take a look at the photos below...

The children and staff have been very inspired by their visitors and would like to thank them all for coming in to school.  Thank you also to Mrs Shore, for organising such a fantastic Aspirations Week!