Pupil Achievement

We believe in developing achievement, success and motivation in all children. A strong foundation of basic skills is essential for children's growth as a learner.  We aim to help children to acquire the skills needed to prepare them for future life and to enjoy the process of learning itself.  We encourage children to find success in whatever area they can, not just academic subjects. For this reason we aim to provide as broad a curriculum as possible to appeal to all children regardless of background or academic ability.

By providing an enriching curriculum, we enable children to discover new areas of interest that they may choose to follow in the future. We encourage them to develop their role as global citizens, and equip them with the requisite skills and knowledge to do this.

A tribute to the children's outstanding personal development is the number of ex-pupils that go on to become head girls/boys at Crispin Secondary School, although our pupils make up only about 17 out of 220+ pupils in each year group!


This approach has had a positive impact on attainment and has enabled almost all children to make at least the progress expected of them and in many cases to exceed their targets and make beyond expected progress.

In 2016, 53% of children achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths combined (exactly the same as the national average).  12% achieved a higher level in Reading, Writing and Maths combined (compared to 5% nationally).  Click on the link below for further details about 2016 results. 

In 2015, 63% of children achieved Level 5 or higher in Maths and Reading, and 69% achieved Level 5 or higher in SPaG.  3 children achieved Level 6 in Maths and 1 achieved Level 6 in SPaG.  Click on the link below for further details about 2015 results.

Click here for the school's 2016 KS2 SATs results...

Click here for the school's 2015 KS2 SATs results...

The School Performance Tables can be found at: https://www.compare-school-performance.service.gov.uk/school/123678