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Practice your Times Tables with 'Times Tables Rockstars' - click here...


Subtraction with 'Exchanging' - expanded Method (Woodpecker Class) - click here  (or PDF click here)


Need help with Maths homework calculation methods?  Watch these handy clips created by children from Ashcott School:

(Please note, there are further methods used and we will be adding to these methods throughout the year)

Addition - Step 4

Subtraction - Step 4

Multiplication - Step 4

Subtraction - Step 5

Multiplication - Step 5

Division - Step 5

Multiplication - Step 6

Calculation Progression Posters

Click below to download a poster showing each of the maths calculations the children learn as they progress through the school:

Addition Calculations.docDownload
Subtraction Calculations.docDownload
Multiplication Calculations.docDownload
Division Calculations.docDownload
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